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Welcome to the Rabies Surveillance Blueprint (WELCOME)

Thursday 1 April 2010 by Contact

The First version of the Rabies Surveillance Blueprint is now complete

The Rabies Surveillance Blueprint has been developed by global rabies experts to serve as a guide for countries that would like to improve surveillance for rabies in any species.

The Blueprint brings together relevant information on rabies surveillance in an easily accessible format. It is not meant to replace existing material or national guidelines but rather is meant to serve as an easy to use guide to assist countries in understanding how to conduct rabies surveillance, as well as how to report and use the data generated to improve rabies control in any species.

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[en]Young Fox with bait - Photo Ulrich Herbst [fr]Renard jeune avec un appât - Photo Ulrich Herbst

It is divided into 6 main sections:

- Introduction
- Rabies Surveillance
- Minimum requirements for adequate rabies surveillance
- Laboratory rabies diagnosis
- Epidemiological analyses
- Reporting, dissemination and communication

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