3.5 What infrastructure is needed for rabies surveillance?

Infrastructure needs to be in place, and strategies must be agreed upon amongst responsible parties to ensure swift and effective data-reporting flows. Essential infrastructure includes electricity, transport infrastructure, communication tools, such as phone and computing networks, and office/laboratory infrastructure.

Infrastructure for processing rabies samples
The processing of rabies samples comprises the collection, storage, transport and submission of samples. The respective infrastructure to be established and equipment to be used may differ from country to country and needs to be adapted to the prevailing geographical and socio-economic condition in a given region. In any case, the infrastructure should guarantee samples to processed for laboratory testing without any delay.
Critical components are:

  • permanent rabies surveillance personnel
  • collection points (district veterinary offices, regional laboratories)
  • appropriate storage facilities (see section 3.8)
  • transport equipment (see section 3.9)
  • diagnostic network

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