4.1 Should there be a centralized or decentralized diagnostic approach?

Each country should have a national reference laboratory (NRL) for rabies with the capacity for basic rabies diagnosis and case confirmation by recommended modern diagnostic techniques. Depending on the responsible authorities for rabies, countries may have a NRL for rabies in each of the human and veterinary sectors, while others might only have only one NRL dedicated to the task.

The decision, whether to use a centralized or decentralized diagnostic approach, may depend on the prevailing socio-cultural and infrastructural conditions. Smaller countries may benefit from a centralized diagnostic approach and one NRL may be sufficient to serve the purpose. In larger countries, a decentralized approach comprising a network of regional medical and/or veterinary laboratories is advantageous [read more here]. Regional medical and veterinary laboratories should follow the same standard operating procedures for rabies diagnosis under supervision of the respective NRL.


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