6.5 Quel équipement peut-on utiliser pour rapporter, diffuser et communiquer les données sur la rage ?

As a rule, reporting, dissemination and communication of rabies surveillance data should be simple and easy. It can be done either using paper forms or electronically. In the digital age, the use of electronic devices or the internet should be given preference as it provides unique opportunities for timely communication and access to the data and reduces the work load for staff.

Rabies data can also be reported by state-of-the art, but easily available, local communication mobile technology using special downloadable applications (APPS) to allow for simple, remote and secure capture of data by users with differing levels of digital literacy. For an example see here.

In all cases an appropriate database is a precondition (see section 5.2.). The staff in charge of operating the national rabies database should develop and implement consistent standards, tools, training, and technology to help ensure that rabies reporting is integrated within each region or administrative unit. To ensure ideal data quality and consistency and reduce the load of duplicative reporting duties by staff members which can undermine the system, rabies data submitted to the database should be streamlined.

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